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Mathioudakis and Theodoropoulos are "On The Road"

Michael Mathioudakis and Byron Theodoropoulos are "On The Road". Two of the best stand up comedians of the new generation, with over 500 shows under their belt, they get their best texts and show you one of the best double bill of winter. They promise a different stand up comedy show than you are used to!

With consecutive performances throughout Greece from Agios Nikolaos Crete to Volos and from Paxos to Serres both stand up comedians have presented their texts: in theaters, bars, taverns, in nursing homes, in places that people They think it was "TV" in a cafe, a cafe lounge, a chill out cafe lounge, a music scene, without stage, without light, without a common microphone 250, a common 12 people.

This time they are waiting ready for for three outstanding performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11.12 and November 13 in our TARATSA.

Start time 21:30
Phone reservations: +306977813066

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