A coffee awaits you!!!

For customers waiting've heard. Passengers waiting also. But coffee waiting? And, yet, there is here in our TARATSA. Indeed, the last time that the coffee ... wait conquers many countries of the world as an act of love and solidarity with our fellow human beings who are unable to enjoy even though this very humble and simple habit: A coffee puff!

In places that are in the "cafe network waiting" you will see a sticker that indicates the participation in this unique network of solidarity ( "A coffee waiting").

For each "coffee waiting" to be paid, the corresponding cut proof and place it on a table. So, they know all the transaction and, of course, the existence of "coffee waiting."

The project is based on sincere attitude and our fellow citizens wish to stand through a so simple procedure (a treat!) Next to those experiencing poverty and social exclusion. We actually we are partakers of the desire of some of our clients their offer to drink a coffee in one of their unnamed fellow !!!

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