Upright Comedy

Nikos Loukas presents his solo show at the Taratsa book'n'coffee. Tall, excommunication, defiant, self-critical, Leveling, virulent, and bitter but at the same time hilarious in its own unique way, Nikos Loukas - the tallest perhaps comedian in the country - is the man who worship the worldwide grumpy!

Attention! Do not attempt this if you are romantic creatures and acrobat in pink clouds above the reality! But if you love to laugh evil and love your funny black & dirty on the rocks, then Nick Lucas is your man and stand-up comedy show is not to be missed ...

Opening Act: Friday - Pavlos Masmanidis
Opening Act: Saturday - Iron Man
Friday 14/9 and Saturday 15/9 at Terrace book n coffee (Enos 46)
Start time: 21.30
Limited seating, reservations phone: 6977813066

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Opening Hours

Every day from early morning to late at night ...


Taratsa book'n'coffee
Enou 46
P.C. 68132, Alexandroupolis

Phone: 2551081311